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As you can see, general repair shops are no comparison to our level of service. Only new car dealerships come close. However, we give you personal, one-on-one service that dealerships cannot match, at prices they could never come close to.

You can rest assured that you will be completely satisfied. There is a lot of hype from repair shops and tire dealers about how much they care. They bombard you with expensive and relentless advertisements telling you how wonderful they are.  The reality, however, is that these large chain-stores suffer from high employee turnover rates. This forces the constant hiring of new, untrained staff. Why is this pertinent? Because these untrained employees could be working on YOUR car! 

Every technician at Accuracy is an ASE Certified Master Technician. We don’t care just because we should. We care because our company depends upon you. We are anxious to personally prove to you that we have more to offer than anyone else. See our Contact Us page for information on our location, hours of operation, phone numbers, and email.

Accuracy Automotive is not just another repair shop.  We are Utah's independent auto service experts.
Your car is among the most advanced and technologically-sophisticated machines in the world.

You wouldn’t trust it to just anyone. 
Who will give you the best service possible? We will. And we can prove it.
Use this chart to see how we compare to our competitors.